July 5, 2010

Book a palm reading party in Brisbane

What started as a blog has just become even bigger...go to www.thepalmdecoder.com now for everything you need to know about Brisbane's best Hand Analysist!
Welcome to the Palm Decoder
This is where you can find out about your next party - a palm decoding/tarot reading party - the one you will hopefully host to give your friends a memorable party experience they will never forget. Compared to a boring sales party this is a fantastic social experience to share with friends who are also curious.
Who is the palm decoder?
The palm decoder is myself - Fiona - I am a Sri-Lankan born hand analysis expert who has been studying, analysing and reading palms for over 35 years. Lately I've realised how much I can help others become more self aware. So many people have no idea of the meaning in their hands and have always thought the lines were random. Not so! The hands are a map into your core nature. Hand analysis is a powerful way to help others realise parts of themselves - especially those seeking guidance or clarity. Now that I have reached a stage in my life of being able to visit other homes at various times, I am ready to start my palm reading parties.
I will come to your house or business and analyse the lines on the hands of all your friends, delving deep into secrets of their character and personality. I will speak to them of matters of their heart - their career, love lives, life decisions and ambitions. All this will be based on the scientific study of hand analysis - combining western and eastern methodologies in a unique and accurate manner. It is important to know that the reading is not based on clairvoyant principles. I am no charlatan and I will bring my study materials as evidence of the infinite nature of the study.
As well I am  also an excellent tarot card reader and will also read a tarot cross for each guest.  I find after reading a palm - I am strongly keyed into a person and can give them even more insight into their recurrent life themes.  The tarot always gives us food for thought in the most insightful of ways, and combined with an in depth personality analysis which a hand reading allows, the seekers I have had are invariably deeply moved by their experiences.
As well, many people enjoy talking to a discrete and impartial person who may help them see their issues in a new light. Clarity is a wonderful gift.
How much does the experience cost?
For parties of 2:  $70.00 per person 
Parties of 3: $60.00
Parties of 5: $50.00
Parties of 10:  $40.00
The hostess receives a 50 per cent discounted reading  for parties over five people.
Larger Gatherings such as Group Christmas parties can be negotiated.
The palm Decoder has read professionally at venues
such as the Emporium Hotel with the hands of over 40 guests summarised.
Please ask for a quote depending on the length of desired readings and number of guests.
What should the hostess do?
All that is necessary, is to make available a private space for readings with 2 chairs, a strong table, and a bright lamp
 If you can provide drinks and nibblies for your friends, wine and cheese afternoons work very well.
When can I have a party?
You can organise a party on any Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon/morning. Popular occassions are:
  • Hen's nights
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
So if this sounds like an excellent way to have your friends come visit you can
contact me by email here:
or telephone/text 0422 619921
It's in your hands!

July 4, 2010


I hosted my 33rd Birthday Palm Reading Party with Fiona on Saturday! A small group of 8 close friends and family had a fabulous day!! I highly recommend this for your next special occassion! Fiona has fantastic knowledge and gives you inspiration and guidance.
Thanks Fiona - All the best


Fiona attended our birthday party and was the main attraction. We had a great time, Fiona carries a magical ability to read palms and tarot cards. This must be the new party theme for work get togethers or birthdays, you don't need an excuse have "A Know Yourself Party"

Geraldine Kangaroo Point

Fiona thank you for the palm and tarot card reading. Having never done this in the past I found it was very interesting especially when I have never met you before. By reading my palms you summed up my personality completely. I am looking forward to what my future holds.